王 刚

503Group 发布于:2019-11-06

Gang Wang (王 刚)Gender: MalePlace of Birth : Haicheng,Liaoning,P.R.China

Sep.1986~July 1990

         Bachelor’s degree , Tianjin University.


          Senior engineer with professorship, Fushun Research Institute of

          Petroleum and Petrochemicals (FRIPP), SINOPEC.


         Senior visiting scholar, Pennsylvania State University,



2002—2008  503 Group (Can Li Group),State Key Laboratory of Catalysis (SKLC),Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP),Chinese Academy of Science (CAS)Research Interests:                        1) Applied catalysis2) Heterogeneous  catalysis3) Research and development of hydroprocessing technologies for producing clean fuelsPh. D Thesis Title: Catalytic Hydroisomerization of n-Dodecane and Unconverted Oil on Chemically Modified Pt/ZSM-22 Catalysts Supervisor: Prof. Can Li                           Prof. Chongren Han Defense Date: Jan 22, 2008Committee:    Prof. Xiangchen  Fang (chairman)Prof. Xinwen GuoProf. Zhirong ZhuProf. Qin XinProf. Qihua YangCorrespondence     E-mail: wanggang@fripp.com.cn;  wgdavid@yahoo.com.cn