Fengtao Fan

Rengui Li (ʹ)
Associate Professor, PhD

State Key Laboratory of Catalysis
Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy (DNL)
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP)
Zhongshan Road 457, 116023, Dalian, China
fax : +86-411-84374447
E-mail: rgli@dicp.ac.cn

Dr. Rengui Li was born in 1987. He received the B.S. degree from Xiamen University in 2009, and then joined the Prof. Can Lis group at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (Chinese Academy of Sciences) as a PhD student. After he got his PhD degree in 2014, he works as an associate Professor at State Key Laboratory of Catalysis in DICP.


Research Interests:

1. Study on photogenerated charge separation for photocatalytic solar energy conversion system.
2. Design and synthesis of high efficiency photocatalyst for photocatalytic water oxidation.
3. Study of cocatalyst for photocatalytic solar energy conversion.


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2. Rengui Li, Hongxian Han, Fuxiang Zhang, Donge Wang and Can Li. Highly efficient photocatalysts constructed by rational assembly of dual-cocatalysts separately on different facets of BiVO4. Energy Environ. Sci., 2014, 7, 1369- 1376.
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4. Rengui Li, Xiuli Wang , Shaoqing Jin, Xin Zhou, Zhaochi Feng, Zheng Li, Jingying Shi, Qiao Zhang and Can Li. Photo-induced H2 production from a CH3OH-H2O solution at quartz surface. 2015, Scientific Reports. in press.
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