Pinliang YingӦƷ

Date of Birth: June 6, 1953
Place of Birth
: Yixin,Jiangsu Province, China
Marital Status
: Married with one child
Health: Excellent
Address: Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, State Key Laboratory of 
Catalysis, Dalian 116023, P.R.China

: 86-411-4671991-Ext.726
               Fax: 86-411-4694447 

1974-1978, Chemistry Department, Nanjing University, Graduated
      1983-1984, Partly joined the Master course study
      1987-1988, English training study
1997-1999, Chemistry Department, Liverpool University,UK.

Research Work Experience:

     1979-1985, Assistant Engineer, Dalian Institute of Chemical 
Physics(DICP), CO adsorption and hydrogenation on 
                       transition metal catalysts;
1986-1988, Junior Engineer, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics 
(DICP), In-situ IR study of CO hydrogenation
1989-1996, Junior Engineer, State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, DICP,
In-situ Raman study of oxide catalysts;
TPD study of oxygen species in rare earth oxides;
Basicity characterization of metal oxide catalysts;

     1997-          Senior Engineer, State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, 
Application  of UV Raman spectroscopy in
catalysis and materials sciences
Selective hydrogenation over nitride catalysts

Technical Skills:

         Vacuum equipment Operation and maintenance of vacuum system and Mass spectrometers for catalysis and surface science studies;
Spectroscopic techniques
operation and maintenance of molecular spectrometers including IR, FT-IR, FT-Raman, Laser-Raman and UV Raman;
Development and design of reactor and catalyst-accessing apparatus
including TPD-IR-MS,TPD-MS,TPD and TPR


          Several awards received from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Science and Technology Commission of  Liaoning Province and National Science Fund(NSF) of  China for  the important contributions to scientific studies and advanced working during past decade.