Jingqi Guan (Ļ‹ĺį∆ś)

Born in 1980, Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province

Education Background:
2002. 09 ®C 2007. 03, Ph. D., Jilin University
1998. 09 ®C 2002. 07, B. S., Jilin University

Work Experience:
2014.03®Cpresent, Postdoctoral Fellow (Supervisor: Prof. Can Li), State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics.
2009.09®Cpresent, associate professor, College of Chemistry, Jilin University.
2012.03-2013.04, Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley (Advisor: Prof. K. Peter C. Vollhardt).
2007.07-2009.09, Lecturer, College of Chemistry, Jilin University.

Research Interests: Synthesis of Mn-cluster for oxidation of water

Tel: 86-441-84379698 (Lab)
Email: jqguan@dicp.ac.cn