Jingying Shi(施晶莹)

Research Professor/Ph.D. Supervisor

Tel: +86-411-84379698
Fax: +86-411-84694447
邮箱: jingyingshi@dicp.ac.cn



Research Interests:
1. Photoelectrochemical water splitting. To fabricate photoanode and photocathode systems and photoelectrochemical cell for efficient solar water splitting; to study the related mechanism. 
2. Solar rechargeable batteries based on photoelectrochemical regeneration of active species. To design photoelectrochemical systems for direct charging of the batteries with solar irradiation and fabricate solar rechargeable batteries for in-situ conversion and storge of the intermittent solar energy. 
3. Solar-assisted fuel cells. To design and fabricate photo fuel cells for cost-effectively electricity production from biomass under solar energy. 
4. Electrochemical water splitting. To prepare earth-abundant electrocatalysts with high activities for hydrogen evolution reaction and oxygen evolution reaction during water splitting.


Book Chapter:
Photoelectrochemial Approach Using Photocatalysts, Jingying Shi and Can Li, Solar to chemical energy conversion: Theory and Application, Pages 319-344, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016.2.


Recent Publications:
1 S. C. Liao, X. Zong, B. Seger, T. Pedersen, T. T. Yao, C. M. Ding, J. Y. Shi, J. Chen and C. Li, Integrating a dual-silicon photoelectrochemical cell into a redox flow battery for unassisted photocharging. Nature Communications, 2016, 7: 11474. (Corresponding author)
2 G. J. Liu, S. Ye, P. Yan, F. Q. Xiong, P. Fu, Z. L. Wang, Z. Chen, J. Y. Shi and C. Li, Enabling an integrated tantalum nitride photoanode to approach the theoretical photocurrent limit for solar water splitting. Energy & Environmental Science, 2016, 9, 1327-1334.(Corresponding author)
3 G. J. Liu#, J. Y. Shi#, F. X. Zhang, Z. Chen, J. F. Han, C. M. Ding, S. S. Chen, Z. L. Wang, H. X. Han and C. Li, A Tantalum Nitride Photoanode Modified with a Hole-Storage Layer for Highly Stable Solar Water Splitting. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2014, 53, 7295-7299. (# Co-first author)
4 N. Wang, D. G. Wang, M. R. Li, J. Y. Shi, and C. Li, Photoelectrochemical water oxidation on photoanodes fabricated with hexagonal nanoflower and nanoblock WO3. Nanoscale, 2014, 6, 2061-2066.(Corresponding author)
5 J. Y. Shi, G. J. Liu, N. Wang, and C. Li. Microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesis of perovskite NaTaO3 nanocrystals and their photocatalytic properties. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22, 18808-18813.(First author)
6 C. M. Ding, W. Qin, N. Wang, G. J. Liu, Z. L. Wang, P. L. Yan, J. Y. Shi and C. Li, Solar-to-hydrogen efficiency exceeding 2.5% achieved for overall water splitting with an all earth-abundant dual-photoelectrode. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014, 16, 15608-15614. (Corresponding author)
7 D. D. Zhang, L. J. Meng, J. Y. Shi, N. Wang, S. Z. Liu and C. Li, One-step preparation of optically transparent Ni-Fe oxide film electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction. Electrochimica Acta, 2015, 169, 402-408. (Corresponding author)
8 B. Q. Zhang, W. J. Fan, T. T. Yao, S. C. Liao, A. L. Li, D. Li, M. Y. Liu, J. Y. Shi, S. J. Liao, C. Li, Design and Fabrication of a Dual-Photoelectrode Fuel Cell towards Cost-Effective Electricity Production from Biomass. ChemSusChem, 2017, 10, 99-105.(Corresponding author)