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Weiguang ma (马伟光) Ph.D

State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy (DNL) Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP) Zhongshan Road 457, 116023, Dalian, China Email: wgma@dicp.ac.cn Tel.: 86-411-84379698

Research Interest:

1. Electrochemical and photoelectrochemical conversion of contaminants;

2. Synthesis of electrocatalysts and exploration of mechanism for electrocatalysis.

Work Experiences and Education:

2018-present: Researcher, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

2015-2018: Researcher, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

2014/2-2014/8: Visitor, University of Alicante (Spain)

2011-2015: Ph.D degree from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry

2008-2011: M.S degree from University of Qiqihar

2004-2008: B.S degree from Binzhou Medical University

Representative Publications:

1. Weiguang Ma, Hong Wang, Wei Yu, Xiaomei Wang, Zhiqiang Xu, Xu Zong*, Can Li*, Achieving simultaneous CO2 and H2S conversion via a coupled solar-driven electrochemical approach on non-precious metal catalysts, Angewandte Chemie-international Edition 2018 ,57, 3473-3477;

2. Weiguang Ma, Jingfeng Han, Wei Yu, Dong Yang, Hong Wang, Xu Zong*, Can Li* , Integrating perovskite photovoltaics and noble-metal-free toward efficient solar energy conversion and H2S splitting, ACS Catalysis. 2016, 6, 6198 -6206;

3. Weiguang Ma, Dongxue Han*, Min Zhou, Hao Sun, Lingnan Wang, Xiandui Dong and Li Niu*; Ultrathin g-C3N4/TiO2 composites as photoelectrochemical elements for real-time evaluation of global antioxidant capacity, Chemical Science 2014, 5, 3946 – 3951;

4. Weiguang Ma, Dongxue Han*, Shiyu Gan, Nan Zhang, Shiwei Liu, Tongsun Wu, Qixian Zhang, Xiandui Dong and Li Niu; Rapid and specific sensing of gallic acid with a photoelectrochemical platform based on polyaniline-reduced graphene oxide-TiO2 Chemical Communications 2013, 49, 7842-7844;

5. Weiguang Ma, Lingnan Wang, Nan Zhang, Dongxue Han*, Xiandui Dong and Li Niu*; Biomolecule-free, selective detection of o-diphenol and its de-rivatives with WS2/TiO2-based photoelectrochemical platform Analytical Chemistry 2015, 87, 4844?4850;

6. Weiguang Ma, Dongxue Han*,Nan Zhang, Fenghua Li, Tongsun Wu, Xiandui Dong and Li Niu; Bionic radicals generation and antioxidant capacity sensing with highly photocatalytic graphene oxide/titanium dioxide composites under visible-light, Analyst 2013, 138 , 2335 -2342;

7. Weiguang Ma, Xiangyu Lv, Dongxue Han*, Fenghua Li, Xiandui Dong and Li Niu; Decoration of electro-reduced graphene oxide with uniform gold nanoparticles based on in situ diazonium chemistry and their application in methanol oxidation Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 2013, 690, 111-116;

8. Dongxue Han,Weiguang Ma* , Lingnan Wang, Shuang Ni, Nan Zhang, Wei Wang, Xiandui Dong and Li Niu*; Design of two electrode system for detection of antioxidant capacity with photoelectrochemical platform Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2015, 75 458-464

9. Xiaomei Wang,Weiguang Ma , Chunmei Ding, Zhiqiang Xu, Hong Wang, Xu Zong,*and Can Li*; Amorphous Multi-elements Electrocatalysts with Tunable Bifunctionality toward Overall Water Splitting ACS Catalysis 2018, 8, 9926?9935;

10. Xiaomei Wang,Weiguang Ma , Zhiqiang Xu, Hong Wang, Wenjun Fan, Xu Zong*, Can Li*, Metal phosphide catalysts anchored on metal-caged graphitic carbon towards efficient and durable hydrogen evolution electrocatalysis, Nano Energy, 2018, 48, 500-509

11. Yingying Fan, Weiguang Ma , Dongxue Han*, Li Niu* et al, Convenient recycling 3D AgX/graphene aerogels (X=Br, Cl) for efficiently photocatalytic degradation of water pollutants, Advance Materials. 2015, 27, 3767-3773

12. Lingnan Wang, Weiguang Ma ,Shiyu Gan, Dongxue Han*, Qixian Zhang, and Li Niu; Engineered Photoelectrochemical Platform for Rational Antioxidant Capacity Evaluation Based on Ultrasensitive Sulfonated Graphene-TiO2 Nanohybrid Analytical Chemistry 2014, 86 (20), 10171–10178

13. Nan Zhang, Weiguang Ma ,Tongshun Wu*, et al, Controlled electrodeposition of CoMoSx on carbon cloth: A 3D cathode for highly-efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2016, 41, 3811-3819

14. Nan Zhang, Weiguang Ma ,Tongshun Wu*, Dongxue Han et al, Edge-rich MoS2 Naonosheets Rooting into Polyaniline Nanofibers as Effective Catalyst for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution, Electrochimica Acta, 2015, 180, 155-143

15. Nan Zhang, Weiguang Ma ,Tongshun Wu*, et al, The fluorescence detection of glutathione by center dot OH radicals' elimination with catalyst of MoS2/rGO under full spectrum visible light irradiation, Talanta, 2015, 144, 551-558.

Address: State Key Laboratory of Catalysis, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Dalian 116023

 Email: wgma.dicp.ac.cn