A Workshop on Experimental and Theoretical Photocatalysis Held in DICP

503Group POSTED:2014-09-06

The experimental and theoretical workshop on photocatalysis was held in DICP on August 30th-31st. This workshop was initiated by Prof. Lemin Li (Peking University) and Prof. Can Li (DICP). About seventy participants attended the workshop, including thirty scientists well-established in photocatalytic field from both institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences and universities, together with research staffs and Ph.D. students in the Division of Solar Energy, Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy. 



 The theme of this workshop was focused on the key scientific issues in photocatalysis from the aspects of experiment and theory. The extensive discussion covers the photo-harvesting, photo-generated charge separation and catalytic efficiency. Solar photocatalysis is a promising approach to provide clean and renewable energy for human life. But constructing an efficient system to realize this reaction under sunlight irradiation is still a great challenge. The common views of all the participants point out that the strong collaboration between the experiment and theory is absolutely necessary for achieving the progress in this field. (by Xin Zhou and Hongyu An)