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The 6th International Symposium on Solar Fuels and Solar Cells
Asymmetric Illumination Induced Charge Separation Provides New Strategy for Solar Fuel Production
New Progress for the Simultaneous CO2 and H2S Conversion by a Solar-driven Electrochemical Process
Important Progress in Mimicking Nature Photosynthesis for Photoelectrocatalytic Water Splitting
Highly Selective Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Lower Olefins phase junction
DICP scientists visualized nano cocatalyst aligned electric fields on single photocatalyst particles
Highly selective methanol synthesis from CO2 hydrogenation on a solid solution catalyst
DICP Researchers Developed a Plasmon-induced Overall Water Splitting System
New progress on probing charge separation at interface of TiO2 phase junction
Researchers Reported Diverse Reactions of 2-Tosylmethylphenol with Allenic Ester
A natural-artificial hybrid photoelectrochemical cell for overall water splitting
The Invited Perspective on “Photoelectrocatalytic Water Splitting” Was Published on ACS Catalysis
A natural-artificial hybrid photoelectrochemical cell for overall water splitting
Researchers report Photo-assisted Oxygen Reduction Reaction in H2-O2 Fuel Cell
Researchers Prepared an n-Si Schottky Photoanode with High Water Oxidation Performance
Researchers Discovered Simultaneous Two Electron Transfer Mechanism from Semiconductor to Molecular Catalyst under Strong Alkaline Conditions
Researchers develop a natural-artificial photosynthetic hybrid for overall water splitting
Vladimir N. Ipatieff Professor Tobin J. Marks visit DICP as Zhang Dayu Lecturer
New Progress in Spatial Charge Separation for Photocatalytic Water Splitting
Researchers Develop a Solar Rechargeable Flow Cell for in-situ Solar Energy Capture and Storage
The Ultra-deep Desulfurization Process for Clean Gasoline Production Commercialized
Enabling an integrated tantalum nitride photoanode to approach the theoretical photocurrent limit for solar water splitting
Towards Efficient Chemical Synthesis via Engineering Enzyme Catalysis in Biomimetic Nanoreactors
To Discuss the Biological Function of DNA from the Perspective of Catalysis
Photoelectrical Imaging of Highly Anisotropic Photogenerated Charge Separations on Different Facets of Single Photocatalyst
Highly efficient photocatalytic Z-scheme overall water splitting based on the MgTa2O6−xNy/TaON heterostructure
Ionic liquid enhance the efficiency of of inverted polymer solar cells significantly
New Progress in DNA Catalysis
New Progress in Heterogeneous Asymmetric Catalysis
Important Progress in Wide Visible-Light-Responsive Photocatalytic Water Splitting
The 4th International Symposium on Solar Fuels and Solar Cells & the 3rd DNL Conference on Clean Energy was held in DICP


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