[FEB. 24, 2014]

Scientists Attend the Gordon Research Conference on Renewable Energy: Solar Fuels

     Seven scientists (faculties and Ph.D students) in the Division of Solar Energy, Dalian National Laboratory for Clean Energy, had attended the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) held in Ventura, CA, USA in January 19-24,2014. The theme of this GRC was Renewable Energy: Solar Fuels, covering the main research topics in solar fuel research, such as natural photosynthesis and enzymatic systems, artificial photosynthesis, photocatalysis with nanomaterials, integrated photocatalytic systems, and solar thermo-chemical fuel production. Around 200 well recognized scientists and young researchs, including postdoctoral fellows and PhD students, had participated the conference. The lectures and post presentations presented the most recent advances in solar fuel research, even many unpublished new results, and some new theories were presented and extensively discussed. This conference garthered word leading scientists in solar fuel research field and is a representative of highest level of current solar fuel research in the world.

      The GRC on renewable energy started as a biannual conference since 2010. Prof. Can Li was invited as a keynote speaker in 2010 and 2012. And he was invited to take an honorable role of discussion leader for the session of taking 2010 and 2012 nnual conference since 2010. The next Gordon Research Conference on Renewable Energy: Solar Fuel will be held in Italy, 2016.








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