[OCT. 23,2013 ]


      Prof. Can Li was selected as president of new Asia-Pacific Catalysis Committee

    The 6th Asia-Pacific Catalysis Conference (APCAT-6) was held in Taipei in Oct. 13-17, 2013, and over 800 participants from 35 countries and regions attended this conference. The main topics discussed involve catalyst materials, energy catalysis, environmental catalysis, nanocatalysis, catalytic processes and catalyst characterizations etc.. It issued 7 plenary lectures, 15 keynote talks, over 170 oral presentations and 269 posters. Ten persons in our group took part in the conference and made an extensive communication with other participants by oral presentations and posters. Prof. Can Li was invited to make a keynote talk titled as í░Fundamental Understanding of Photocatalysis: Roles of Cocatalysts and Junctionsí▒. Meanwhile, 40 participants were granted í░APCAT-6 Grants and Fellowship Programí▒, and 10 persons were awarded for excellent posters, among which five Ph.D candidates (Rengui Li, Shanshan Chen, Yushuai Jia, Yinghao Li and Nanfang Tang) and one staff (Fuxiang Zhang) were from our group. The APCAT committee was updated during the conference, and Prof. Can Li was selected as the new president. It was also decided that the next conference (APCAT-7) will be held in Bombay, India.


     The Asia-Pacific Catalysis Conference evolves from China-Japan-USA Catalysis Conference, and now becomes one specific catalysis conference in the Asia-Pacific Region, as similar to the North-American or European Catalysis Conferences. The 3rd conference (APCAT-3) was ever organized by our institute in 2003. The Asia-Pacific Catalysis Conference was sponsored by Prof. D. Trimm from Australia, Prof. Can Li from China, Prof. S. Moon from Korea, and Prof. M. Iwamoto from Japan in 2003. The purpose is to promote communication, cooperation and development of catalysis in the Asia-Pacific region. (by Fuxiang Zhang, Nanfang Tang) .



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