Visit of Prof. Israel E. Wachs from Lehigh University



    During November 2nd~5th, Professor Israel E. Wachs from Lehigh University visited our group and gave us two lectures with title of "Pervasiveness of Surface Metal Oxide Phases in Mixed Oxide Catalysts"and "Methane Aromatization over Supported Mo/ZSM-5 Catalysts with Operando Molecular Spectroscopy and DFT Calculations", respectively. Prof. Can Li presided the lecture and later introduced the acedemic interests and our lab situation.


    Prof. Israel E. Wachs, director of Operando Molecular Spectroscopy and Catalysis Research, focuses on surface oxides and the relationship between surface oxide structures and their various physical and chemical properties. Therefore, group staff and students had a heat discussion and exachanged opinions with Prof. Wachs on spectroscopy and surface science during his visit.




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